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Ronnie Stich

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The second book in the Creepy Friends series!

Occult novelist Richard Ravestone meets Simon—a rude, egotistical psychic with a drinking problem and a unique ability to seek out and locate ghost-like entities. Richard soon discovers that Simon has links to the murder of a well-known psychic medium with ties to a dangerous cult. As beings from the other side reach out to them, Richard realizes that he is also connected to the crime. Simon can see into his nightmares—nightmares that hold clues to the horrific murder, and to the identity of a cult leader with plans to collaborate with, and revive, evil entities from the past.

With the help of rookie police officer Claire and Italian occult specialist Raul, Richard and Simon will work to help solve the most ghastly, ritualistic murder that any police department has ever known—while fighting off the ghosts of those that want to return. This story will grab you, pull you in, and won’t let go. (cover art by Steven Juliano. Copyright 2015 Ronnie Stich).


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Contains EVP and orb recorded and filmed by author (audio inserted into video, both recorded separately and placed together later for demonstration only.)

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Orb that travels near author during research. Several photos and videos have been recorded.

I am very excited to announce that I have been actively working on and researching for new film projects. One will be a documentary inspired by my interest in parapsychology.

I am a student of parapsychology and have taken formal, university-level courses for years.  -Ronnie