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Ronnie Stich



Assassination Race:

"The energetic story is packed with amusing imagery: businessmen texting during a presentation at a table “covered in sugary flakes and colorful sprinkles like confetti”; a professor visited by obnoxious aliens having way too much fun; and an endless barrage of madcap characters ... "-Kirkus Reviews (read full review)

Curse of the Sacred Wolf:

"Fully drawn characters and ample dramatic interaction add to the pleasure ... The author knows how to turn details into images--a priest riding a Harley is particularly memorable." -Kirkus Reviews

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Assassination Race:

"... Stich's obvious talent for writing, will definitely delight both the average reader and the devoted science fiction buff alike."-Hollywood Book Reviews

Creepy Friends:

"Ms. Stich captured all the various elements of a good plot with a wonderful introduction, lots of suspense, and an interesting insight into the world of ghostly characters and their world. Very enlightening indeed!" -The Latino Author

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Official release date April 8, 2015.

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